Sam’s Priorities for Our Community

Sam’s Priorities for Our Community 2018-05-24T12:07:02+00:00

This election is about who we are as Americans. Sam will be a Congressman who will fight to preserve the American Dream and our values as a country for generations to come.

Jobs and the Economy

Our economy has improved, but we still have work to do. Families, seniors and small businesses have not fully recovered from the financial crisis. Too many of us are facing a higher cost of living while seeing little to no increase in our paychecks. Small businesses in Hacienda Heights do not have the access to the loans they need to grow. Our roads in Fullerton are filled with potholes and no one is investing in our neighborhoods across the district. And young workers are entering an economy with fewer good paying jobs, crippling student loan debt, and schools not equipped to train them for the jobs of the future. The American Dream is slipping away for too many of us.

Sam has experience as a business executive both creating jobs in the clean energy sector and working in the Obama Administration at the Department of Commerce. He is committed to investing in infrastructure, supporting job training in the clean energy and technology sectors, and advocating for our small businesses. Sam will fight for our neighborhoods whether its making sure we have funding for job training and after school programs in Chino Hills or advocating for good wages, leave and retirement protections for the jobs we create in Orange County.

Sam’s experience as a leader in business, his understanding of how to create jobs in the new economy and his commitment to the families and small businesses throughout our community – not special interests in Washington – will help ensure our economy continues to grow for years to come. We need next generation leadership that will fight to restore the promise of the American Dream for all of us.

Affordable Health Care for All

Access to health care is a right. Too many seniors in Yorba Linda are facing higher out of pocket costs and families in Buena Park are seeing higher premiums while worrying about what happens if their child gets sick or develops a pre-existing condition. We have lost our way on what’s important when it comes to health care – access when you need it, affordability so you won’t go bankrupt if you get sick and quality care so you can trust that if your child gets sick, they will still have the best treatment in world.

The Affordable Care Act took important steps to ensure access to quality care, but more work must be done. Sam supports universal health care and Medicare for All. Ask any senior, Medicare works. As a business executive, Sam understands the value in investing in what works. He will fight to defend the Affordable Care Act from efforts to roll back its life saving protections. This means protecting those with pre-existing conditions, finding more ways to reduce out of pocket costs for seniors and small businesses, and guaranteeing high quality and affordable coverage for all Americans.

While working in Congress, Sam fought to protect Medicare and Medicaid coverage from drastic cuts that would have had a crippling impact on our community health centers, like Korean Community Services in Buena Park and St. Jude Neighborhood Health Center in Fullerton. Sam also worked hard to pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program extension, which funds the Healthy Families program that provides health care to low income children at health providers throughout Orange and LA Counties.

Sam’s ability to bring people together on issues like health care for children and his experience getting things done in Congress will provide new leadership for our community. It’s time for next generation leadership that guarantees health care for all.

Fighting for Women’s Rights


Women’s rights are under attack. Since taking office, Donald Trump has appointed judges who will attempt to reverse Roe v. Wade, tried to defund Planned Parenthood, reversed insurance coverage of contraception and normalized vulgar behavior that diminishes women.

Even before Trump, in spite of all the progress that has been made, women’s rights lag far behind. Equal pay for equal work remains a goal, not a reality in the work place. #MeToo has shown just how prevalent workplace discrimination and sexual assault is. And being a woman remains a pre-existing condition when it comes to access to health care.

Sam has spent his entire career fighting for equal rights and opportunity, and he is just getting started. At the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Sam worked on passage of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which was signed by President Obama and restored protections against pay discrimination that were stripped away by the U.S. Supreme Court. As a Counsel in the U.S. Senate, he advised on the nominations of two female U.S. Supreme Court justices – Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan – and worked the Affordable Care Act, which included needed protections for women’s health. While Chief of Staff in the U.S. House, Sam worked on equal pay for equal work legislation and promoted women for senior staff roles. As an executive at SolarCity, he chaired the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) Community Engagement Committee, which focused on promoting opportunities and workplace mobility for women in solar.

When elected, Sam is committed to being a champion for women’s rights. Not just by saying no to Trump, but also appointing women to senior staff positions and ensuring access to health care and economic opportunities is available to all women. Sam Jammal will work to protect and expand women’s reproductive rights, proudly stand with Planned Parenthood and support funding for legislation to confront violence against women. Sam’s career has been spent fighting for justice and equality for all. He will continue to fight for equal pay, affordable child care, increasing the minimum wage and paid leave.

Environment and Clean Energy

To see Sam’s plans for spurring a Clean Energy revolution in Congress click here.

Climate change is real and we need next generation leadership to protect our environment. From record breaking heat to devastating droughts that have hit our community hard to the threat of wildfires on our Diamond Bar hillsides, we are experiencing the effects of climate change that can’t be denied.  Families are struggling and the effects of climate change are already leading to higher water and electric bills. Sam has worked as an executive in the clean energy sector and understands first-hand how to build a clean energy economy that creates jobs and saves families money.

Sam supports a 100% transition to clean energy and will fight to promote the adoption of solar, wind, battery storage and electric vehicles throughout our communities. Today, over 3,000 families in our community already have solar panels on their homes. We have the technology to truly transition our economy and help lower electric bills while helping the environment.

Sam will bring next generation leadership that makes America and California global leaders in clean energy technology and ensures that our community continues to benefit from these new and emerging jobs. We need real leadership when it comes to our environment – not simply rhetoric around clean air and water. Sam will provide a new vision to move us in to the future.

Gun Control

We cannot have weapons of war in our schools, churches or movie theaters. Its time to pass sensible gun control policy. Sam supports restoring the Assault Weapons Ban and closing background check loopholes for gun shows, those on the terror watch list, domestic abusers and those with mental health issues. This issue is about safety and responsible policy making. For too long, the NRA has worked to stop enforcement of even common-sense things like the relationship between gun violence and mental health. As a Legislative Counsel in the U.S. Senate, Sam worked on gun control issues and understands the need to reform our laws and bring common sense in to policymaking. In Congress, Sam will stand up to the NRA by pushing for not only sensible gun control policies, but also campaign finance reform because dark money NRA campaigns are destroying the ability of Congress to act. To read further about Sam’s platform on taking on the gun violence epidemic click here.

Honoring our Veterans

We owe our veterans a deep debt of gratitude for their service. Sam has family members and close friends who have served our country and respects the service of all those who have put on a uniform. In our district, we have over 26,000 veterans who have served across generations.

The best way to support our veterans is to build strong communities. This means protecting the freedoms that so many of our troops have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend. It means making sure the next generation has the same opportunities right here at home that our veterans fought to protect. Whether it’s as basic as public safety in Walnut or access to affordable and high quality health care for their families, the best way to honor our veterans is to build up our communities.

Most importantly, we must guarantee our veterans the services they earned. This means making sure the Veterans Administration does its job efficiently because no veteran should have to wait for quality care. We also must provide financial literacy education to veterans not just on their way out of service, but also once they have settled back in to civilian life. Lastly, our government must guarantee that no veteran goes without a job after serving our country. While working in the solar industry, Sam helped set up programs with the industry and veterans groups to provide job training in solar and recruit on military bases. Today, 11% of the solar workforce nationally have served – even as veterans represent roughly 7% of the overall population. Sam is a leader with experience fighting for our veterans and will make sure their sacrifices are honored. To read more about Sam’s plan to support veterans and their families, click here.

Immigration and Civil Rights

Sam has fought throughout his career as a civil rights attorney to ensure that everyone has access to a quality education, health care, and basic civil rights regardless of their immigration status.

Our community has benefitted tremendously from the hard work of immigrants from all over the world. As the son of Latino and Arab immigrants, Sam understands the enormous contributions that immigrants make to our region. Immigrants have started some of the most successful businesses in Orange County, pick the food that we eat, and many protect our freedoms by serving in the nation’s armed forces and law enforcement.

Sam will fight against dangerous rhetoric targeting immigrants and bills that aim to tear immigrant families apart. Sam will protect DREAMers, undocumented children brought to the United States by their parents and don’t know any country other than America as home. He will also stand up against Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric. America is welcoming country and we need leadership that will protect our values.

LGBTQ Rights

In the past decade, our country has made great strides in fighting discrimination against LGBTQ individuals: the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down, same-sex marriage was legalized, and more and more states continue to pass laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. However, LGBTQ rights are still under constant attack. Sam has been a strong supporter of laws that protect an individual’s ability to live and love whom they choose without facing discrimination based on their identity or sexual orientation. As a civil rights lawyer, Sam will fight against attempts to pass sham laws like “religious freedom” bills or bills that prevent people from using the bathroom of their choice as what they are: attacks on our freedom and our Constitution. In Congress, Sam will be a steadfast supporter of anti-discrimination legislation and regulations, and will fight against any attempts, whether veiled or overt, to limit the rights of LGBTQ individuals and communities anywhere in the United States.

Housing Affordability

Today, for an entire generation, the opportunity to own a home is slipping away. Because of ever-rising home prices, buying a home is out of reach for a large percentage of families in our community. But it’s no longer just purchasing a home that is pricing out families — rent is also too high. While some will try to cast this aside as a generational issue, our housing crisis is a drag on our overall economy that must be addressed. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, $53 billion is lost in consumption spending because of housing costs. This means people are tightening their belts and not spending at our restaurants and small businesses. The reality is that there is no short-term fix or single solution. While much of this will require leadership from state and local government to balance development with congestion concerns and the preservation of a community’s character, there is a federal role. If elected, I would use my convening power as a Member of Congress to bring together our community to discuss issues like the cost of housing and homelessness and identify federal resources that combined with local and state solutions will help address these issues. I will also work to improve federal policy. Reversing the decline in home ownership starts with reversing Trump’s tax reform. In our district, thousands of families will see a tax increase as a result of changes to the mortgage interest deduction last year. We also should look at tax reform as an opportunity to create incentives for first and second time home buying. Lastly, we must continue to expand the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, which is responsible for millions of affordable housing units across the country.

One day — hopefully in the near future — I would like to be a homeowner. Home ownership was a part of my family’s American story. As working class immigrants, my parents were able to purchase a home on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County on salaries that could barely afford rent these days. Our home provided my parents the financial flexibility to support my education. We can’t allow the next generation to be a renters-only generation. We need new ideas and outside the box thinking to make sure that the American Dream is still a possibility.