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Life-long Democrat Sam Jammal Pushes 25 Year Incumbent Republican Into Retirement

"It's now time to elect a progressive to close the deal here in the 39th. I grew up here and am a lifelong Democrat. This election is the most important of our lifetime. Next Congress may decide whether to impeach a President, respond to Trump's dangerous foreign policy and fight for Americans hurt by Trump's tax reform and attacks on health care."

Climate Hawks Vote endorses Sam Jammal for US Congress

“Sam represents the American dream with a distinct climate flair. The son of working class immigrants, he’s worked in both government and the private sector to support the clean energy revolution, from solar power to electric vehicles. We’re excited about Sam, and so are his future constituents—our in-district members overwhelmingly voted for Sam in our member survey about the primary.”

Sam Jammal Statement on House Passing Trump’s Tax Reform

"Today is a serious blow to the America I grew up in.  I entered the campaign with the firm belief that - while we have our differences in how to get there - whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you cared about the future and making sure we maintain who we are as Americans in a changing economy."