Republican Ed Royce announces his retirement for CA39

Fullerton, CA — Today, Ed Royce announced his retirement from Congress after months of having his track record and alignment to President Trump called out by Sam Jammal, a Democratic candidate for California’s 39th congressional district.

“It is crystal clear – this is not Donald Trump’s America. Our grassroots movement retired Ed, but the work is not done,” said Sam Jammal. “It’s now time to elect a progressive to close the deal here in the 39th. I grew up here and am a lifelong Democrat. This election is the most important of our lifetime. Next Congress may decide whether to impeach a President, respond to Trump’s dangerous foreign policy and fight for Americans hurt by Trump’s tax reform and attacks on health care. We need someone ready to do the job on day one, and as someone who has worked in the US House, Senate and for a President, I have the experience to lead.”

Jammal (CA-39) grew up in the communities of California’s 39th Congressional District as the son of working class immigrants from South America and the Middle East. Sam Jammal has received endorsements from a number of progressive organizations such as Democracy for America and Climate Hawks Vote, local labor unions and former Obama officials.