Sam Jammal Statement on Today’s Repeal of Net Neutrality

Sam Jammal Statement on Today’s Repeal of Net Neutrality

Trump FCC Kills American Innovation

Sam Jammal for US Congress statement on today’s repeal of net neutrality

Fullerton, CA — Sam Jammal, candidate for California’s 39th Congressional district, today commented on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) repeal of net neutrality.

“We may remember today as the day innovation in America began its slow death. It’s not the first time government has chosen the big guys over innovators – but this is a big hit. Once again politics is catering to well-subsidized incumbents over the upstart.

Net neutrality is key for building our economy. We have seen it here in Southern California with the surge in online content in the entertainment industry thanks to streaming services like Netflix. Allowing internet service providers to charge extra fees on the distribution of content will make it harder for the next upstart content provider to compete. It also raises real concerns over censorship since there are only a few service providers and they could functionally decide what to allow faster service for. This will impact what we read and watch online.

“California must lead once again. Our state’s public utilities commission must mandate net neutrality for any company providing internet service in the state. They have the authority to do this. Politics and campaign finance is far too broken to rely on Congress to provide a legislative fix. Having worked in Congress and fought the Time Warner-Comcast merger, there is no iteration of reality where either party can pass a bill that prioritizes innovation and consumers. It’s our job as Californians to lead where the federal government won’t.”



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