Sam Jammal Statement on House Passing Trump’s Tax Reform

Sam Jammal Statement on House Passing Trump’s Tax Reform

Jammal calls out Royce for leaving behind the 39th district by voting Yes on Trump’s Tax Reform

Fullerton, CA — Sam Jammal, candidate for California’s 39th Congressional District, released the following statement after the U.S. House of Representatives passed Trump’s tax reform bill:

“Today is a serious blow to the America I grew up in.  I entered the campaign with the firm belief that – while we have our differences in how to get there – whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you cared about the future and making sure we maintain who we are as Americans in a changing economy.  This Trump tax reform vote clearly shows a very different set of values from Congressional Republicans and Ed Royce.  

While politics for too long has prioritized millionaires and the largest corporations, we have never seen such a bold step to rewrite how our economy works and handcuff what our government can do.  This is a once in a generation bill that is an attack on who we are and paints a very different picture of who we will be.  Trump’s tax reform will add trillions to our federal deficit while making permanent a tax restructuring that will make it much more difficult to pay for things like national security, health care and education in the future.  

There is a laundry list of terrible policies in Trump’s tax reform specific to our district.  They include the cap on the state and local tax deduction, which punishes California for investing in our state; changes to the mortgage interest deduction that will lower property values and harm homeowners in the 39th district; the elimination of the deduction to recover from losses in a wildfire or earthquake; and the elimination of the individual mandate for health care, which will result in 13 million people losing their insurance and significant market destabilization.  Cooler heads did prevail on language affecting grad students and the student loan deduction, but this bill robs the next generation by driving a hole in future budgets.

Having worked as a Chief of Staff in the House and Counsel in the Senate, I know how hard it is to change a law once it’s passed.  We may be stuck with this horrible bill for the foreseeable future and Republicans must be held accountable.  Ed Royce failed the 39th district by voting for this bill.  He had an opportunity to stand up and oppose, but, instead, did what he has done all year – vote with Donald Trump.  Ed is actively voting against our community and we will replace him next year.”

Sam Jammal (CA-39) grew up in the communities of California’s 39th Congressional District as the son of immigrants from South America and the Middle East.  A veteran of the Obama administration, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), and, more recently, Solar City and Tesla, Jammal believes that his 2018 election isn’t just about stopping Donald Trump.  Jammal believes flipping the 39th means building a progressive future by fighting to make sure workers get a raise and families can still afford the basics, like health care, housing and a secure retirement.  To learn more about our campaign, visit


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