Fullerton, CA — Sam Jammal, candidate for California’s 39th Congressional district issued the following statement:
Every day, we are seeing more and more reports of behavior unbecoming of our elected officials. This is unacceptable in any workplace.
All prior claims and settlements against Members of Congress should be made public immediately. Taxpayers deserve to know how their money is being spent. The fact that this is being kept secret is a national embarrassment.
Not one penny of taxpayer money should go to settle any claim whether it’s from the broader congressional budget or an individual office budget. I support legislation introduced that would address this.
Additionally, there must be a strict prohibition against using campaign funds to settle such claims. It’s inappropriate for an individual to use campaign funds as a slush fund for misbehavior.
Lastly, if a Member or any elected official is found to have harassed an employee, lobbyist, constituent or anyone in their duty as an elected official, he or she must resign immediately. We must have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Elected officials should be examples, not embarrassments.