Fullerton, CA —Following Ed Royce’s “Yes” vote on the Trump tax increase on 39th district families, Sam Jammal, candidate for California’s 39th Congressional district issued the following statement along with a countdown to Ed Royce’s retirement date:

“Today, Ed Royce voted for his wealthy donors, Donald Trump, and out-of-district millionaires over families in our community. This is a shameful vote that is an attack on the middle class.

Like many in our community, I come from a working class family who benefited from the vital programs the GOP just voted to increase taxes on. This once again shows that Ed no longer fits our community, we deserve better.

While Ed continues to turn his back on our community, I am running a grassroots campaign to rebuild our economy. People want to be able to buy a home, and Ed just made that more expensive.  They want an education, which Royce just increased the cost of. Ed even voted to raise the cost of medical care for our seniors.

Ed, start packing up. I’m sure after having been in that office for a quarter-century it will take time to collect your things. I am taking over in 354 days.”