Fullerton, CA — In response to today’s anticipated House Republican tax scam vote, Sam Jammal, candidate for California’s 39th Congressional district issued the following statement:

“Ed Royce, who has been in Congress for nearly a quarter of a century, is slated to once again ignore the needs of his constituents and vote yes on raising taxes on our community. This will hurt working families, students, teachers and the healthcare of millions, all at the expense of tax cuts for Donald Trump and out of district millionaires and billionaires.

Ed no longer fits our community. He has become a puppet for Donald Trump and his donors. He has received millions from interests that will benefit them at the expense of our families. Instead of being a yes man to his party, Ed should vote with us.

This is not the bill Americans need. We need tax reform that continues to help grow our economy, helps grow our middle class, and re-invests in our country. A bill that works to reform the system by not making vital cuts in our healthcare, education, and social programs that help our communities thrive.”

Sam is the only candidate in the race who grew up in the communities in and around the 39th District. He has experience as a senior official in the Obama administration and as a clean energy executive, which sets him apart from the field. A son of Latino and Arab American immigrant parents who came to this country to work hard and build a better life, Sam worked his way through high school, college and law school. He has spent his entire career fighting to improve his community and is committed to building a better future for the next generation and will be ready to do the job, on day one.